Statement from the creator:

Dear SIRIUS-D Users,

In 2015, we have completed an important stage of refinement of the nearly 15-year development of SIRIUS-D. Over the past five years, we have analysed the results of the intake and action of the product and your recommendations and wishes. The result of our work is the new Sirius-D supplements. The packaging and product known so far remain in history.

Instead, we now offer you four new Sirius-D variations, and they all perform more effectively the essential function of the Sirius-D nutrition supplement – to help regenerate the body tissues:

You can find all the information you need on this website. This is the only website of the creator and sole manufacturer of Sirius-D products. In other words – my site. The reasons, although with some delay, to create this site are several:

  • In recent years, the internet has been swarming with Sirius-D nutrient supplement websites claiming to be the first, the one and only, official, of the manufacturer, with my approval, with my consent and all kinds of absurd claims. I want this to be known – so far, there has been no official Sirius-D website nor, until the creation of this website, I have authorised someone with rights to official, exclusive or any other distribution of the Sirius-D nutrition supplement, advertisement of the product, etc. Neither in Bulgaria nor in any other country worldwide. In this website you can find additional information about who can offer our products.
  • So that Sirius-D users have thorough, objective and accurate information about our products.
  • So that Sirius-D users have direct contact with the manufacturer.
  • So that I, as creator and manufacturer, and my team can have a two way communication with you, the users – you will be able to address us and get the answers to your questions.
  • So that Sirius-D users know where they can purchase Sirius-D products and at what price.
  • So that Sirius-D users know where and from whom NOT TO BUY Sirius-D products.

The reasons for developing and for offering you four versions of the already known nutritional supplement are:

  • To take into account your recommendations and wishes with regard to the previous product.
  • To offer a higher quality product range.
  • To offer products with improved, more refined formula and greater efficiency.
  • To make the product more enjoyable and easier for intake for adults and children.
  • To offer you a range of products from which each of you, with our help, can choose the most appropriate, most effective and, last but not least, the most advantageous in terms of price Sirius-D product.
  • All these objectives have been achieved to a great extent with our new product range. Therefore, I address you with great pleasure, wishing our new products to bring you more Health, Strength and Energy, higher Quality
  • of Life, and of course Happiness and Longevity.


Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov

Laureate of the Dimitrov Prize,
Creator and manufacturer of the SIRIUS-D brand products.

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