Dietary intake of Sirius-D products (according to the user’s regimen and weight):

The new range of Sirius-D products enables users to precisely choose the product that will be most suitable for each individual case, without having to take larger quantities of the product in starting (intensive) regimen of intake, as it was before.

The daily dose of all products is identical, saving users both time and the need for further consultations on the required dose of intake in different regimens.

All this considerably aids and eases the intake while allowing for faster and more effective achievement of the desired results.

Start products in the new Sirius-D products are Sports and Intense, and boost products are Classic and Light.

Start products

The start regimen with Sport and Intense aims to provide intensive initial supply in the body of the needed ingredients contained in the Sirius-D products.

Boost products

Boost regimen with Classic and Light aims to provide the body with the ingredients of Sirius D for a long enough period of time needed for the achievement of final positive results.

Last but not least – the price range of our products enables significant cost savingsstrong> by users in both intake regimens!

Regimen Product Weight Dose Intake Period
Sport/Intense to 40 kg. 10-15 g. 30-90 days
40-60 kg. 20 g. 30-90 days
60-100 kg. 20-25 g. 30-90 days
100-150 kg. 25-35 g. 30-90 days
Над 150 kg. 35-40 g. 30-90 days
Classic/Light до 40 kg. 10-15 g. unlimited
40-60 kg. 20 g. unlimited
60-100 kg. 20-25 g. unlimited
100-150 kg. 25-35 g. unlimited
Над 150 kg. 35-40 g. unlimited

Note: 1 spoon = 5 grams. The recommended dose for children under 20 kg is 10 grams.


In severe or chronic or autoimmune conditions or prolonged recovery periods after surgery, the recommended start regimen should continue for at least 90 days. Upon finding positive results from taking our products, we recommend to continue, without interruption, with the boost regimen of a support product to finally eliminate the reasons for taking Sirius-D products.


In cases when our products are taken for cosmetic or health reasons or by athletes, we recommend a start/intensive 30-60 days regimen fallowed by a boost/light regimen without interruption until achievement of the desired results


If, after discontinuation of taking our products, the problems eliminated during the intake reoccur, we recommend renewal of the intensive intake for at least 30 days followed by a boost regimen for at least 60–90 days.

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