Dobromir Dermendzhiev became the European sumo champion from the championship, which was held in the city of Krotoszyn, Poland at the beginning of September 2022. The competitor won first place in the category up to 92 kilograms, dealing with strong competition. In that year, Dobromir also started taking Sirius-D nutritional supplements during his preparations for the competitions. Here’s what Dobromir Dermendzhiev shared: In Japan, the competitors keep a large amount of calories in their food. To recover faster, to be heavier. It’s one thing for them, it’s another for us. In pre-competition training, I sometimes lose a lot of weight. I was about 101 kg, now I am 92. I reduce my intake of carbohydrates, follow a training regime. But I’m not starving because I’m taking the Sirius-D supplements. The load in sumo is different. It’s not like other sports. You must have a lot of energy. This sport teaches you to be more humble, to control your emotions. To be more restrained in what you do. I would urge everyone who is just starting out on the sumo path to embrace the sport as a way of life. As health, value system and as individuals, the trainees should build themselves. Sport is health and it can only help you.