Food is the main cause of some diseases, we must be careful with what and how we eat. This is what Nikolay Mitev from the “Sirius D” team called for in the show “In Search of Truth” on “BG+” TV.

I recommend that we eat naturally, with clean food, to know how the food was processed so that it is maximally useful for us. In recent years, there are too few quality foods that we eat. That’s why our team under the leadership of Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, Doctor of Science, years ago isolated certain substances from the main foods using a special methodology. After relevant research, we can claim that “Sirius D” is more than a food supplement, it is a fourth type of food. The four “Sirius D” supplements regulate and restore normal metabolism. They are based on the same basic. They are accepted from 3 to 6 months. You feel an increase in your performance and more energy. Watch the full interview here:

Watch the full interview here: