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What are the SIRIUS-D products?

Above all, SIRIUS-D products are not medications!

SIRIUS-D, in all its modifications, are nutritional supplements, additional food, suitable for a large number of health problems, after surgery, trauma, injuries, extreme physical exertion during competitions and during the recovery period, or heavy physical work. SIRIUS-D products are also appropriate for healthy users who want to improve the functional state of their body. SIRIUS-D products are universal – suitable for both genders, regardless of age. They can be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What do SIRIUS-D products contain?

The main ingredient in SIRIUS-D products is a natural water-soluble animal protein. Depending on the product modifications, they are combined with cinnamon, turmeric and/or vanilla. SIRIUS-D products contain low-molecular-weight (oligomeric) polypeptide chains containing all the amino acids necessary for the synthesis and fast supply of proteins in the human body. The proteins contained in the SIRIUS-D products are quickly absorbed in the body, speeding up the recovery processes in the body. SIRIUS-D products are particularly valuable in cases of extreme exhaustion of the body as a result of serious illness, surgery or sports injuries.

What is the difference between SIRIUS-D products and other supplements recommended as sources of protein?

Various products are available as sources of protein. They all contain monomeric amino acids or insoluble proteins. The first can cause imbalance in digestion. The latter are harder and slower to digest by the body, which doesn’t set them apart from any regular dietary sources of protein. In most cases where nutritional supplement is needed, the protein nutritional supplement should:

  • contain all types of amino acids, and
  • the proteins should be quickly absorbed by the body.

SIRIUS-D products meet both requirements!

How to take SIRIUS-D products?

SIRIUS-D are sold as powder and can be administered with yogurt, juice, broth or any other suitable to the user liquid. It is recommended that the daily dose be divided into two doses – morning and evening, before meals. The recommended daily dose is indicated on the label of each package, but you may further consult a medical practitioner, pharmacist or our representative in each case. It is extremely important to know that intake should not be discontinued. This reduces the concentration in the body and disturbs the desired positive result of the intake.

How long should I take SIRIUS-D?

SIRIUS-D are completely natural products and their positive effect is achieved by continuous delivery of the needed amino acids into the body. Therefore, to achieve positive results, we recommend that you take SIRIUS-D for at least three months followed by the necessary tests. Upon finding positive results, the intake of Sirius-D should continue to boost regimes. In such cases, do not hesitate to contact us. In more serious diseases or health conditions, the intake of SIRIUS-D may continue longer, with positive effect observed during the fifth–sixth month of intake. In such cases, a suitable modification would be Intense, intended for exhausted bodies.

Are there any restrictions on the SIRIUS-D intake?

The products do not contain lactose and gluten. They do not contain GMOs. No negative impact of SIRIUS-D products on the human body has been reported. SIRIUS-D products can be combined with all kinds of medicaments. SIRIUS-D Light is recommended for users with sensitive stomach or digestive system, and has been developed especially for such cases.

Warning: in the case if established allergic reactions to any ingredient of the SIRIUS-D products, you must consult with your doctor before use!

Are there any dietary requirements during the intake of the SIRIUS-D products?

SIRIUS-D products are nutritional supplements, additional food. They enrich your daily diet, but do not replace your normal diverse diet. There are no dietary restrictions associated with the intake of SIRIUS-D products.

Warning: if you have dietary restrictions prescribed by your doctor you should follow them!

Is there any other important information about the SIRIUS-D products?

You can contact the manufacturer with any questions you might have concerning the SIRIUS-D products.

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